Dark Sky Reserve Astrophotography Tour

Dark Sky Reserve Astrophotography Tour
Partner Adventure Art
Location Mannum, SA
Duration 6 hours
Min/max attendees 1/7
Recommended for beginner
Next availability Ask us
Pricing AU$255.0 (Standard)

Astrophotography is the art of photographing the brilliance of the night sky.

After the sunsets and your eyes adjust to the darkness, you start to see the beauty of millions of stars and you look in wonder at the Milky Way spanning across the night sky. What if you could capture the Milky Way with your camera?

Well, the great news is you can, and although astrophotography poses a unique set of challenges, with the right guidance, astrophotography doesn’t have to be difficult.

Our Dark Sky Astrophotography Tour is designed for those who want to learn to photograph the night sky and Milky Way for the first time, through to those who want to take their night sky photography to the next level.

Mini Astrophotography Workshop and Meal and The Pretoria Hotel

Our tour starts with a mini workshop and pub meal at the fantastic “Pretoria Hotel”- “Situated on the mighty River Murray in Mannum, The Pretoria Hotel represents country hospitality in pure natural splendour.”

This mini workshop will give you the tools you need to start taking breath-taking shots of the night sky including the milky way. You also get to converse with other photographers over a quality pub meal including a drink of your choice.

Dark Sky Bus Tour and shooting for the stars session

After dinner we will travel to Murray River Dark Sky Reserve and you can put your skills into practice by taking some photos of the night sky including the Milky Way.

Dark Sky Astrophotography Tours offers the trip of a lifetime. Our expert guides will show you how to capture the beauty of the stars and the night sky like never before.

From the lookout, you will see some of the most amazing dark sky river views and you'll get the chance to explore and capture the beauty of the night sky in all its glory. Our experienced guides will be there to help you develop your skills, providing tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your experience.

Come and enjoy a night capturing the stars!

This Tour is divided into two parts:

  1. Briefing and meal at The Pretoria Hotel.
  2. Bus tour and shooting session where we will travel to the Murray River Dark Sky Reserve where you can put your skills into practice by taking some photos of the night sky including the Milky Way.


  • Beginners and enthusiasts are welcome.
  • Pub meal and 1 drink included
  • Learn how to capture incredible photos of the stars.
  • Most cameras can photograph the Milky Way and galaxies!
  • You can also borrow one of my cameras for the night! (subject to availability)
  • This tour gives you the tools to start taking breath-taking shots of the night sky including the milky way

Take part in one of our Dark Sky Astrophotography Tours and discover the wonders of the night sky. Don't wait any longer - book your tour today and experience the beauty of the stars for yourself!

When: 4pm -10pm
Where: Pretoria Hotel, 50 Randell St, Mannum SA 5238
What to bring: Camera, tripod, and wide-angle lens (between 10-35mm). Please let me know if you don't have one or more of these just ask and we will do our best to source for you. :)

Cancelation policy
Refunds: Tour bookings are non-refundable.
Date changes: Tour date changes are allowed with at least 7 days notice.
Transfers: Bookings may be transferred to a new participant any time leading up to the workshop however I ask you to advise us of the change as soon as possible so contact details can be updated

Please Note:

  • Good weather is important for Astrophotography, and we don’t have accurate weather forecasts until the day before the tour. We will notify you by 7pm the day before if the tour is not going ahead. In the event of weather prohibiting your Astrophotography tour from proceeding, we will offer you an alternative tour date.
  • If clouds do come through on the night, we will wait for them to clear and then resume the tour, or look at alternatives in a different direction (some of the very best images are captured on nights like this).
  • By booking you agree to adhere to the rules for your own safety and for the safety of those around you.


There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop. Please get in touch if you'd like to know when this workshop will run in the future.