Brisbane Night Photography Workshop

Brisbane Night Photography Workshop
Partner Alfonso Calero Photography
Location Brisbane, QLD
Duration 150 minutes
Min/max attendees 1/8
Recommended for beginner
Next availability (Brisbane time) Sat, 01 Jun 17:30
Pricing AU$99.0 (Standard)

When? Every Saturday Night
Where? At Kangaroo Pt. Reserve overlooking Brisbane City
How much? $99.00
How long? 2.5 hours
How Many? 2 min - 8 max
What will I learn?

  • Master Composition
  • Shoot in Manual Modes
  • Control aperture, shutter speed & ISO
  • Understand Light and Shade
  • Travel Photography (i.e. Architecture, people, nature, nightscapes...and more).

What to bring:

  • Tripod (eye level height)
  • Cable release or remote
  • Digital SLR camera - must be able to manually control shutter speed and aperture
  • Fully charged batteries (re-charger) and spares if possible
  • Image cards formatted (space to photograph) and spares if possible
  • Good walking shoes
  • Umbrella (just in case)
  • Small towel & plastic bag (to keep your camera dry)
  • Camera manual PDF on mobile

Rain or shine we'll be fine as we will be under cover or indoors for some locations


  • Sat, 01 Jun 17:30
  • Sat, 29 Jun 17:30
  • Sat, 27 Jul 17:30
  • Sat, 24 Aug 17:30
  • Sat, 21 Sep 17:30