The Best Photography Courses in Perth For the Next 2 Weeks

Are you in Western Australia any time in the next 2 weeks? Check out the best photography courses Perth has to offer.

The Best Photography Courses in Perth For the Next 2 Weeks

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or only looking for a refresher, we’ve got the photography courses in Perth you are looking for.

If taking photographs of architecture, nature, people, or wildlife is your thing, we have a course to suit in Perth. Whatever the subject matter, you’ll learn some handy tricks from a professional photographer to master your chosen photography device.

In this post, we’ll cover the details of 7 of our upcoming photography courses so you can choose the right one for you.

1. Fremantle Day Photography Workshop

In this Perth photography workshop, you’ll be roaming the streets of Fremantle taking photos of the historic architecture. You’ll learn how to take charge of your camera and shoot in manual modes and gain an understanding of light shade. Plus you’ll become a master of composition and learn about travel photography.

2. Fremantle Night Photography Workshop

For those of you who prefer to be out at night, you’ll learn how to capture the city’s unique sights after dark. If you’ve struggled to capture crisp pictures at night, this Perth photography course will teach you how to fix that. You’ll cover how to control aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, and more.

3. Fremantle Day & Night Photography Workshop

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Perth photography course, this option is for you. Combining both the Day and Night workshops above, you’ll learn how to capture Fremantle’s cityscape in a range of lighting conditions and improve your general photograhy skills.

Make sure to bring a digital camera with fully-charged batteries. Also, make sure to wear some comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be active for most of the course!

4. Fremantle Smartphone Photography Course

Your smartphone isn’t only for scrolling through social media or ordering food! You’ve got some amazing features that you should be taking advantage of.

This photography course in Perth will teach you how to capture beautiful moments without needing a big camera. You’ll learn about critiquing photos, travel photography and even how to edit your images.

Did someone say future Instagram influencer?

5. Highlights of Perth Photographic Tour

This course captures Perth’s iconic architecture and views from Matilda Bay. You’ll also have the chance to photograph locations with rich Aboriginal history and culture.

Throughout the tour, you’ll get the chance to have a light lunch at a local restaurant and finish the tour at Elizabeth Quay.

6. Photographing Australian Animals, Seascapes, and Sunsets

This Perth photography course is all about nature. You’ll have the chance to capture some amazing sea views and hopefully a captivating sunset.

Your tour will start at one of the oldest national parks in Western Australia and move on to the coast with white sandy beaches. At the end of it all, you’ll even have the chance to enjoy a BBQ by the beach!

7. Perth City, Hidden Gems Photographic Walk

Enjoy a small-group walking tour to discover the city’s hidden gems. You’ll be photographing street architecture like laneways, artistic graffiti, and local buildings.

Make sure to wear some comfortable walking shoes though, as you’ll be getting a fair amount of exercise! But it’s not all hard work, you’ll have a chance to rest your feet with a drink and a sweet snack.

For more information about any of our Perth photography experiences, click the links above, or hit the pink chat button in the bottom right of your screen.