Real Estate & Architecture Photography Course | Sydney | 2 days

Real Estate & Architecture Photography Course | Sydney | 2 days
Partner Focus 10
Location Sydney, NSW
Duration 15 hours
Min/max attendees 1/4
Recommended for everyone
Next availability (Sydney time) Thu, 23 May 10:00
Pricing AU$890.0 (Standard)

■ A clear path for the amateur to the semi-professional
■ Gain the specialist skills to become a professional Real Estate and Architectural photographer
■ Specific camera settings for real estate & architecture
■ What lenses, when to use flash, balancing the light
■ Learn to shoot creative interiors and exteriors
■ Learn composition and attention to detail
■ How to streamline your workflow and to shoot accurately
■ Best ways to edit and export your images
■ Covering drones, basic flying & aerial photography tips
■ The Ideal opportunity for building your portfolio

This practical Real Estate and Architectural Photography Course in Sydney targeted for those who want to learn how to shoot real estate in this lucrative area of photography.

The perfect photography course for real estate agents, architects, interior designers and travelers who love photographing real estate and architecture. This course will teach you the essential tips and tricks. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a profession.

As well as 'hands on' shooting stills, we have sessions on marketing and pricing, editing using Adobe Lightroom and drones. Floor plans and 3D & 360 degree virtual tours are covered in the detailed notes you receive with every booking. This is the ideal course to start building a portfolio.


■ TO UPSKILL - Great photographs of real estate & architecture and the ability to turn a drab, unappealing property into something attractive for prospective buyers adds value to the property and enhances your business professionalism.

■ COMPREHENSIVE - this practical Real Estate and Architectural photography course provides a clear path for the entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills in order to become a capable, even expert, real estate and architectural photographer.

■ EXTENSIVE CONTENT - How to photograph architectural exteriors and interiors. Shooting in different locations, camera and lenses advice, flash gun techniques and shooting under a wide range of difficult lighting conditions. Composition tips and lighting techniques. A series of workshops cover prepping the property, props, the best cameras and lens settings, drones, marketing ideas and pricing structures. 360 degree camera's & floor plans are only covered in your detailed notes but not on the actual course due to time constraints over the 2 days.

■ BUSINESS FOCUSED - Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a professional craft. The perfect photography course for real estate agents, architects, interior designers and travellers who love photographing real estate & architecture.

■ BETTER TRAVEL IMAGES - for travellers, lovers of fine architecture and interesting accommodation - you gain the skills to bring back evocative, memorable images of places you have stayed or visited.


■ DECLUTTER & ATTENTION TO DETAIL - are bench tops clear, rubbish bins out of sight, cushions fluffed up, toilet paper & brushes gone, bed lamps with working bulbs, range hood light on, blinds even, shooting at the right time of day, maybe an evening shoot is needed, etcetera.

■ COMPOSITION - the  big three - Verticals, horizontal lines and leading lines. Leading lines of kitchen benches, architraves and /or skirting boards. Is the furniture in the room balanced? Are you shooting asymmetrical or symmetrical? Is the viewpoint to high?

■ LIGHTING - balancing the light, Interiors & exteriors, bracketing, flash or no flash, continuous, the direction & intensity of the light, the time of day and weather conditions.

■ EQUIPMENT & SETTINGS - the best cameras and lenses, settings such as aperture priority, shooting RAW, low ISO settings, bracketing, exposure compensation, balancing interior and exterior light, white balance, colour profiling, tripods, reflectors, flashes, colour cast, lighting corners, wireless, HDR, filters, workflow.

■ OTHER ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS  - Around 90 minutes of Lightroom Classic tuition, use of drones and marketing ideas. A series of workshops will cover preparing the property, props, Lightroom Classic, output for screen or print costings and marketing tips. Images taken on the course can be used for your own promotional purposes.


■ It is essential to have some background photography knowledge in knowing your camera's buttons and functions. If you are new to photography, our Beginners Course is beneficial for learning the basics of camera handling.

■ Any full or cropped frame DSLR camera or mirrorless camera is ideal. Full frame cameras with their bigger sensors will give better results in certain situations.

■ A wide angle lens eg 16-35mm (on a full frame camera) or 10-22mm (on a cropped sensor camera); a telephoto lens eg. 70-300mm to pull in the views; a mid range lens eg 24-105mm for architectural or detail shots.

■ An external on-camera flash unit is needed - your camera's in-built flash will not be powerful enough for lighting internal spaces.

■ A sturdy tripod - the taller the better; 1.8m is ideal.

■ We recommend you have a quality smartphone with at least one optical wide angle lens. New smartphones now have wide angle optical lenses. Perfect for shooting real estate on the fly such as a quick shoot of a rental property. For older smartphones you can get optical wide angle lenses which attach to the phone.

■ COVERING DRONES, basic flying & aerial photography tips

■ MORE ON DRONES  - on this course you will have an opportunity (if conditions permit) to fly one of our drones (or bring your own). You will learn basic flying techniques and tips on aerial photography using drones. In your course notes there will be information on the new requirements for recreational and business flying, Australian rules and regulations and how to obtain your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).


■ Instruction from professional photographer, Andrew Thomasson / Focus 10 photography, detailed notes, camera shopping advice, personal assessment and critique of your images taken on this course.

■ Transportation is provided by us. Or you are welcome to drive your own vehicle to each location.

■ Exclusions - Food and beverages.


DAY 1 (Paddington & Sydney CBD)
Meet: 10am - 236 Glenmore Rd. Paddington. Park in White City Tennis club nearby ( 30 Alma St. Paddington) There are also unlimited parking spots in this area as well as 2 hour zones . If you are arriving by train or bus ... just look up the details. Edgecliff train station is nearby and its a 15 minute walk from the station to 236 Glenmore Rd, Paddington

10am to 2pm - Lightroom Classic, general marketing
Please bring your laptop with Lightroom Classic loaded onto it - or you can borrow one of our computers
2pm to 5pm - Shooting architecture around Sydney CBD. We provide the transport into the CBD
Lunch is at each persons expense. There are plenty of cafes nearby as well as Woolworths Metro. Morning coffee and tea are provided.

DAY 2 ( Shooting Display homes at Homeworld, Marsden park)
Meet 10.15am at Limestone cafe, Elara, Elara Blvd, Marsden Park ( there are 2 Limestone cafes Make sure you go to the Elara one)
10.15am - 11am -reviewing images taken on Day 1
11am to 5.15pm _ shooting display homes

Lunch is at each persons expense. Limestone cafe & nearby food courts have good takeaway food.
Note : If it more convenient for you - we offer a complimentary ride from Paddington to Marsden Park.


  • times are approximate only & may vary according to various factors
  • you are responsible for your own camera gear and looking after it. Focus 10 Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage or loss of your personal camera equipment.
  • 32GB SD cards ( Lexar) are available for sale for $25


We have an excellent Online Real Estate Photography course to support this 2 day On location course. 247 jam packed pages, unlimited support & mentoring as you go forward. The option to do 15 practical assignments and a Certificate of Completion.

NOTE: This course also runs in Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra & Adelaide.


Paying for your course in full upon booking will confirm your attendance. Places are limited on all courses.

We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule any course, due to inadequate enrolment, bad weather, instructor illness, an 'act of God' or a force majeure such as a pandemic. As an example, a photography course has to be cancelled or deferred to another date and time due to Covid 19 border closures and lockdowns which is beyond the control of Focus 10 Pty Ltd and other related parties. We also reserve the right to cancel any course if there is insufficient demand, especially if it means that our costs would be higher than our income. Please therefore do not leave it until the last few weeks if you are interested in a particular date, as you may find that it has been cancelled. As our costs for each training event remain the same no matter how many delegates attend, like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concert, flights etc, we are unable to give a full refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstances. If withdrawal occurs within the 14 days before the course starts we will try to put you on an alternative date if places are available. Please note that we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred by yourself, so please check with us before booking any non-refundable accommodation or transport.

Workshop Photography
We reserve the right to take photographic, (both still and video) records of any of our workshops/courses which may be used for promotional purposes, submissions, advertising and records. We grant permission for participants to use any images captured by them during this workshop for self-promotion only. Participants may not make any financial gain from any images captured during this workshop/course.


  • Thu, 23 May 10:00