Travel Photography Course - Melbourne | Focus 10 | 2 days

Travel Photography Course - Melbourne | Focus 10 | 2 days
Partner Focus 10
Location Melbourne, VIC
Duration 15 hours
Min/max attendees 1/6
Recommended for beginner
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Pricing AU$890.0 (Standard)

This course is dedicated to teaching you the photographic skills to take stunning travel shots and the art of storytelling. Travel photography is skilful, Its fun, its inspirational. Learn about the camera gear, camera handling, types of light and creative composition. Where, when and how to go, what to shoot and what camera gear and accessories to pack.

As a travel photographer you need to select your imaging devices to best suit the situation. Lightweight, unobtrusive camera gear means more freedom to mingle with the locals in Zanzibar. Rugged and reliable pro gear matters for exacting wildlife photography. On this course, you will be shooting street scenes, candid portraits, nature, wildlife, landscapes, food, architecture, abstract, action, activities, culture, adventure...with tailor made advice given on the technique and camera gear to suit the destination and activity.

This exciting and vibrant course emphasises the need to be versatile in your photography - one needs to be adaptable in your shooting style to suit varying conditions such as weather, time of day and time of year of a region or event. If it's raining, you learn to shoot macro and portraiture. If it's classic landscapes maybe it's a dawn shoot for the perfect light. Every course is supported by comprehensive notes on everything relating to travel photography - ideal as a reference guide on the road.

  • An ‘all-rounder’ photography course for any traveller
  • A wide variety of photography travel subjects covered
  • Where, when and how to go, what to shoot, what gear
  • Practical advice on street etiquette, back up and storage
  • Travel experiences - culture, skiing, cruising, wildlife safaris, 4WD, nature, sports & more
  • Destinations - Australia, Asia, Europe, Polar regions, Africa, the Americas - every continent
  • All geographical regions - deserts, rainforests, savanna, the taiga, glaciers, mountains, the oceans, cities


  • Interactive, dynamic, fun. 'Hands on' shooting and telling your travel story
  • The ideal Travellers Photography course for time pressed persons
  • Learning about camera handling, types of lighting and creative composition
  • Portraiture, landscapes, still life, motion, architecture, nature, wildlife
  • Reflections, heat and dust, snow and cold, the essence and soul of a region
  • Fun and innovative learning with like minded fellow individuals
  • Active 'hands on' learning at photogenic and interesting indoor and outdoor locations
  • Well structured, practical workshops covering a variety of subjects
  • Small groups of no more than 8 persons
  • Post production tips using Lightroom Classic
  • Expert tuition from the professional photographer Andrew Thomasson


  • A practical 'hands on' course with a series of workshops designed to emulate scenarios you will encounter in your travels
  • We use a variety of great Melbourne locations to give you a feel for diverse scenarios.
  • Snapping boats and food at St Kilda wharf semi replicates a Greek holiday.
  • Nature and flowers in Melbournes Botanical gardens are good practice for shooting in Costa Rica.
  • Tips on architecture photography around Melbourne CBD can be transported to pictures in London
  • The bustle of the Victoria market emulates Covent Gardens.
  • Shooting the white, bright Federation square buildings give you skills in shooting snow covered scenes.
  • Shooting wildlife and nature at Melbourne zoo provides invaluable tips for your upcoming Kimberley cruise, Antarctica adventure, African safari or Kakadu adventure
  • We recognise its impossible to cover everything in 2 days. To that end you will receive a set of detailed notes to support what you learn and to cover points we may miss.


  • Melbourne CBD
  • Melbourne zoo
  • Yarra Valley


  • Instruction from professional photographer Andrew Thomasson
  • Detailed notes
  • Complimentary portraits
  • Entrance fee into Melbourne zoo ( or use your annual pass)
  • Custom tailored advice your destination


Day 1
Time : 9am to 5pm
Meeting Location : Top main entrance of Melbourne zoo

Day 2
Time : 10am to 5pm
Meeting Location : Chandon Estate, Yarra valley


There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop. Please get in touch if you'd like to know when this workshop will run in the future.