The Art of Macro - Sydney Photography Workshop

The Art of Macro - Sydney Photography Workshop
Partner The Aperture Club
Location Sydney, NSW
Duration 4 hours
Min/max attendees 1/8
Recommended for beginner
Next availability (Sydney time) Sun, 26 May 08:00
Pricing AU$185.0 (Quantity)


Begin the journey to being a Macro and Close Up specialist. Looking through a macro lens brings you up close to a whole new world of colours, textures and shapes. The canvas is limitless.

The emphasis of thisworkshop is on how to use your macro and close up lenses and understand the power of light and its important role in capturing and altering depth of field within a very small window of this micro world.

Our team of experts will help you create images which are really larger than life. You will develop your technical knowledge and hone in on your creative self to capture unique and captivating photographs of a truly professional standard.

Whether you are beginning your journey with macro or want to gain further knowledge in this area, The Art of Macro will motivate and inspire you to a new level.

This intensive workshop is designed for all levels of photography.


  • Macro explained - understand the difference between macro and close up photography.
  • Magnification - understand depth ratios and life size measurements.
  • Equipment - learn what lenses and macro accessories are available and how to use them.
  • Lighting -explore macro lighting techniques with the use of reflectors, shapers and diffusers. Learn how to work with harsh sunlight and shadows.
  • Light ­- learn and practise how various natural light (directional, diffused and backlit) will impact your subject.
  • Camera Settings – master hand on techniques in manual and semi-manual modes including depth of field variability
  • **Composition **- look at common mistakes made in composing a photo. For example – how a displaced shape will ultimately ruin a once in a lifetime image. Get creative by using unusual angles and leading lines.


Tutors: A professional photographer and aphotographer's assistant (depending on group size)
Class size: Minimum four; maximum 10
Time: 8am - 12pm

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop commences to ensure we start on time

Meeting point: Steps of the Art Gallery of NSW


  • A digital SLR camera or compact camera with manual settings.
  • A cleaning cloth
  • At least one extra memory card
  • At least one spare set of batteries - make sure they are fully charged
  • Your camera manual
  • Camera bag
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • A lightweight tripod
    NB: In this workshop we practice the art of handheld macro and closeup work. A tripod is not essential but of
    course valuable.


Detailed Aperture Club course notes will be emailed to you on completion of each workshop.

Camera kits are available for $75 per workshop if you would like to experiment using a professional DSLR camera. Kits include a camera, lens and other equipment (flash/tripod) appropriate to the particular tutorial. Kits are limited, so make sure you reserve one when you confirm your workshop.


If it looks as if the weather will be unsuitable on the day, we'll contact you early in the morning. In the event of cancellation, you can select an alternative workshop date.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sharon and The Aperture Club Team


  • Sun, 26 May 08:00
  • Sun, 28 Jul 08:00
  • Sun, 29 Sep 08:00
  • Sun, 27 Oct 08:00
  • Sun, 24 Nov 08:00