1-on-1 Photography Lesson

1-on-1 Photography Lesson
Partner Cockatours
Location Cairns, QLD
Duration 90 minutes
Min/max attendees 1/1
Recommended for beginner
Next availability Request your own date
Pricing AU$90.0 (Standard)

Photography is a skill we all use daily. However, the mechanics of a photo is often little understood, even by semiprofessional photographers. Photography is based on a combination of 3 elements (sensor sensitivity + shutter speed + aperture) and these are important to understand and simple to demonstrate. Photography often paves the way for a more outdoor life, as animals, especially birds and insects, make great photography subjects.

Many famous naturalists were avid photographers first. Our aim is to have students understand what they are doing when taking a photograph and how to adjust settings manually instead of relying on the camera to take the photo. This will expand your creative ability and help you understand why photos weren’t turning out right!


This tuition is available on demand. Please specify your preferred date and time on the booking form.