Dog Photography Course - Perth WA | 2 hrs | $150

Dog Photography Course - Perth WA | 2 hrs | $120
Partner Focus 10
Location Cottesloe, Perth, WA
Duration 2 hours
Min/max attendees 1/4
Recommended for beginner
Next availability Ask us
Pricing AU$150.0 (Standard)

Why a Focus 10 dog photography course?

  • Paws for 2 hours and do our fun dog photography course
  • Bring your own dog or shoot other local dogs
  • Established, recognised experts in pet and animal photography
  • Gain first-hand experience with all cameras
  • Ideal for those wanting to take much better photos of their dog
  • Learn how to shoot a large variety of dogs in action
  • Depth of field, aperture, colour balance, lens perspective
  • Freezing and showing motion, exposure, focus modes and points
  • Meet interesting, like minded persons who love animals & dogs
  • No more than 4 persons per group for more individual attention
  • First hand experience up-close and personal with dogs
  • Expert tuition from pro photographers Andrew Thomasson


The dog photography course covers the gear and technique needed to take great shots. It requires a fast, trained eye to capture the action using varying depth of fields, shutter speeds, freezing and capturing motion and incorporating the right light and composition to create a great image. Animal photography is challenging, rewarding and highly satisfying. When you take a great shot you can feel justifiably proud. Many factors come into play such as lens perspective. For instance, shooting with a wide angle lens, a dachshund become a 3 foot long frankfurter and a long lens flattens a bulldogs face further.

South Cottesloe beach is the perfect place to run this course. This beach is one of Perth’s more peaceful, uncrowded beaches – perfect for swimming, long walks, wind surfing and playing with your dog. The sharp, clean light, reflecting back off the white sands, blue water and shallow waters makes it a photographers paradise. You will get superb photographs of your dog in action as the background is so clean, fresh and uncluttered.

Professional tutoring, 1/1 mentoring and guidance from professional photographer Andrew and / or Serena who both have a track record as professional pet, wildlife and sports photographers.


■ No previous photography experience is required
■ A digital DSLR, mirror-less, or compact camera*
■ For DSLR and mirror-less camera users, at least one multi range lens
■ Smartphone camera users are welcome - smartphones deliver high quality results
■ Memory Card(s) - at least a 4GB card
■ Charged camera battery
■ DLSR Nikon & Canon cameras for hire ($50), 8GB cards for sale ($25)


Andrew Thomasson and/or Serena Pearce


■ No previous photography experience is required
■ Professional tuition from Andrew and/or Serena


South Cottesloe Beach Playground - (between Beach & Princes St, Cottesloe)


Whilst there are lots of dogs on this beach to photograph we suggest you bring your own dog


There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop. Please get in touch if you'd like to know when this workshop will run in the future.